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Agnes Meyer -brandis - The moon analogue

Quirky is the first word that pops into my head. this piece i found to be quite funny, it has a sense of cute and adorableness with the little geese growing up and preparing to go on a journey to the moon! its just a funny concept but works. I especially loved the scenes in the film in the class room when teaching them about the journey and the little geese sitting on boards waddling about.

Meyer-Brandis’ work weaves together history, popular science and fiction. It is inspired by the 1638 book The Man in the Moone by English bishop Francis Godwin, in which the protagonist flies to the moon in a chariot towed by moon geese. The artist has made this a reality by raising 11 moon geese from birth, giving them astronauts’ names and training them to fly. A control room in the museum broadcasts a live stream of the geese. 

Commissioned by The Arts Catalyst and FACT, part of Republic of the Moon


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